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Pedigree of Shatan Beethoven's Pastoral






Kanukryks White Boy George

CH Beaus N' Belles In The Spotlight (usa)

CH Laurelbury Wearing White

Sunsprite Time Trax

CH Nanjac Just In Time For Tea

Sunsprite Coming Attraction

Beaus N' Belles At Laurelbury

CH Beaus N' Belles Fame N' Fortune

Cygnet's Contessa

Beaus N' Belles Didja Ever

Connors Willieorwonthe Art

CH Richmar On The Road Again

Montoya's Alexis

Beaus N' Belles Miss Clairol

CH Beaus N' Belles Magic Potion

Beaus N' Belles Star O'baliwick

White Heidi At Kanakryk

Drifter's White Woofie

Daisy's Snow Drifter

Fortenton Firebrave

Kaapride Shadow's Rock A Daisy

Derketas Silver Moon Shadow

Marapoo's Diesel Smoke

Derketas Misty Dawn

Daisy's Snowbaby

Fortfenton Chilcotin Affaire

CH Fortfenton Christmas Romance

Fortenton Sharlaina

Kaapride Shadow's Rock A Daisy

Cabryn Rock-a-fella

Derketas Silver Moon Shadow

Dodi's Miss Sally

Hannas Benji Boy

Kaibar Hanna's Rocky

Vijo's Red Rocket

Vijo's Boomer's Blazer

Vijo Red Sherry

Kaibar Klarette

Kaibar Red Robin

Barbie Doll Surprize

Sunnyvale's Fefe

Lemoge's Silver Spencer

CH Lemoge's Rudolph Valentino

CH Lemoge's Silver Lace

Cecile Black Velvet

Jet Black Majic

Cecile's Lilly

Kanukryks Black Dodo

Kanukryks Chocolate Dakota

Thundercourt Classics

CH Rosal's Black Pirate

Coco Java

Kanukryks Java Cabana

Windmist Moving Into Midnight

Pikies Teaka Cream And Honey

Emersons Black Jewel

Rosal's Brown Bomber

CH Rosal's Black Pirate

CH Promise Me A Chance To Win

Sunny Knoll Winsome Amber

Sunny Knoll Winsome Red Spark

Sunny Knoll Irish Rose