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Health Guarantee/Bill of sale


Houseopaws Poodles


  BREED:                      COLOR:               SEX:       micro-chip #


   WHELPED ON : ______________

   SIRE: _______________ CKC#

   DAM: ______________ CKC#


SOLD BY: Sandra Smith (the seller/breeder)

SOLD TO ___________________(THE BUYER) Of __(address)____________

FOR THE SUM OF $_________


This guarantee is non-transferable and is valid only to the original buyer.

All pups are to be spayed/neutered at 6 months of age and proof of sterilization forwarded to the seller.


Under no circumstances is any Houseopaws puppy/dog to be surrendered to a shelter. The breeder will determine if the  puppy/dog can be returned to the breeder, at no cost to the breeder. The breeder will then decide to keep or place the puppy/dog.


This is a guarantee for 1 year for any life threatening hereditary or genetic defects.  Every reasonable care has been taken by the breeder to insure that the said puppy is in good health.  Puppies do stress during moves to new homes, change of diet, also from over handling. Worms and/or Coccidiosis, are treatable, and is not a reason for return. This guarantee is intended to cover life threatening genetic/congenital defects that are unforseeable at the time of delivery. It is not intended to cover things which are prone to the breed and size of dog. This would include hypoglycemia, open fontanel, loose patellas, uneven bites, undecended testicles, and inguinal or umbilical hernias.


The buyer agrees to have the puppy examined by a licensed veterinarian within four days (not including holidays) of purchase.

If, as a result of the examination, the veterinarian determines that the puppy is not in good health, than the Buyer shall elect to keep the puppy or return the puppy to the Seller for a replacement puppy for the same value. To be determined by the breeder.


Puppies are like children; they are susceptible to pneumonia, colds and other infections due to drafts, cold temperatures, etc.  Hypoglycemia, which is brought on by a number of  reasons: playing too much, not eating properly, the stress of being moved to a new home or just being handled too much by children or adults.  These conditions are all the buyers responsibility. This contract is also null and void in the event of an accidental injury to the said puppy.  


 If a replacement is deemed necessary due to a life threatening genetic defect within the first year, it will be made for the same value, unless buyer wants to pay the difference of a more valuable puppy.  THERE ARE NO CASH REFUNDS. The buyer must return the puppy at their expense to the seller.  A letter from a licensed veterinarian is required with such problem stated in order for a replacement to be made to purchaser. Should the diagnosis be questionable the puppy will be checked by a vet of the breeders choice.  


Should a death occur due to unknown reasons during the first year, an autopsy must be performed by a licensed veterinarian, and a copy of such report forwarded to seller, plus the micro-chip will have to be returned to seller, before determining if a replacement will be made.  


People often want to know the exact size, color or personality of a puppy when it is grown.  I can only estimate that by going by previous litters and the parent's characteristics.  For this reason, I make no guarantees as to the mature size, colour or disposition of said puppy and no other claims or agreements about this puppy's development, unless noted below the seller's name.  Puppies are sold as pet puppies, seller will not be deemed liable if pet is infertile or unfinishable for any reason.





Buyer ______________________________Date: ________________________


Seller _____________________________ Date: ________________________

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